Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My Daily List

One of my favorite blogs is Little Miss Mama. She is a super wonderful, honest, talented stay at home mommy :) I always get a kick out of her stories about her and Baby W's adventures. Well this morning I read her post about Lists.... and let me just say, I am ADDICTED to lists! I have never thought about it as an addiction (hee hee) but I get the same sick satisfaction from crossing things off that Ashley does. So here is my list for the day....
  1. Find a DJ for the wedding (I have 2 contacts, have called and left a v.m. for one)
  2. Text my stylist back about the trial run for hair and makeup
  3. Mail Bills
  4. Blog post
  5. Make chicken tacos for dinner
  6. Work on sewing project (This prob will not be posted for awhile but I will post it in oh... a month and a half or so :))
  7. 30 Day Shred with Jillian Michaels (I did it last night and feel pretty good today, I might step it up and do level 2 tonight!)
  8. Water garden

So this is my list... I am sure I will add more and cross some off and start a new tomorrow! Do you all make lists and get the same satisfaction from crossing them off?

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