Monday, August 20, 2012

What will be, will be

I am 37 weeks pregnant, very large, very uncomfortable, very tired and very nervous about our sonogram tomorrow.
Last week I went in for my routine weekly checkup and ended up at labor and delivery. They just wanted to do some extra monitoring on our little gentleman and his heart rate. Everything ended up being all good but since that evening I have been nervous that things will not go right. Just that overly protective mother feeling. I am not a negative or a pessimist but it is hard for me, specifically me, to get over a trip to labor and delivery a month early. I guess since i am not an incredibly "go with the flow" type person one event throws me a little for a loop!
So that being said, I am a little nervous when they asked that we do an ultrasound this far along. I know the doctor just wants to check the size of our little gentleman and the amount of amniotic fluid. My belly is measuring on the large size, about 1.5 weeks bigger than my due date. My fear is that they will say, "Its time to have this baby" and neither the baby or I will be ready.... I guess I am just trusting that whatever happens is the way its suppose to be.
*** I AM NOT SAYING ANYTHING IS WRONG! Just to clarify, it is most likely my paranoia.***

Sunday, July 8, 2012

What to do?

PJ got a last minute invite to go to the All Star legends game tonight and he jumped on it! I don't blame him :) So that left me with what to do with our evening.... We decided to paint!
It all started when Brody pulled out my red nail polish and asked if he could paint his toenails. Instead I got out an old set of Crayola watercolors and we got busy!

This masterpiece is drying on our table. I am thinking about framing it as Bubs 1st painting!
An easel might be in our near future! A possible birthday present for "da boy", I am thinking it would be a great fit!

Friday, July 6, 2012


So this will sound weird to most people but when I was not pregnant and would go for my yearly visit to the woman doctor, the smell of the hand soap would always take me back to my pregnancy. It was the usual sanitary hospital soap. Something about that sterile smell took me back to the days when Brody was in my tummy.... and I yearned to feel that movement, that purpose, that love that a momma to be cannot put into words. I can not believe 2.5 years have gone by so fast and that we are doing this again, I can not believe it in a good way! Just to clear that up :) As Brody & I were goofing around after his bath this evening I was kissing his little toes and took a deep breath in and lingered in that all too familiar smell of bubble bath and tear free shampoo. I am so lucky to get to experience being a mother, some days I take that for granted but today is not one of them

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Garden Update

It has been wickedly hot with no rain here. Not so good for the garden. Luckily three fourths of my garden area is mulched so retains water fairly well. I am still having to water every other day though to keep things from wilting. Here are some photos from my garden
This is the only pepper I have at the moment.... I had a large crop growing and in one swoop they were all gone :( Not sure if it was a rabbit, mice, or my dog, but whatever it was I was so disappointed.
Baby watermelon plants. These guys are doing great and loving the heat! I am hoping I can keep them watered enough to have a great harvest this year.
My gardening partner. Scarlet is the only one brave enough to put up the heat with me outside while I water, weed and harvest.
A small harvest of pickling cucumbers, which my gardening partner got into only moments later for a little snack... little turd
Cherry tomato plant, 1 of 3 which I hope keep producing delicious fruit. I am finding little green tomatoes all over the ground so am worried little critters are getting to them.
Baby cantaloupe, same story as watermelon, looking great now just need to keep them watered!
Beefmaster tomato, hopefully these bad boys will start ripening soon.

My newest garden terrace which includes, watermelon, cantaloupe, cucumbers and small herb garden.
Tomato jungle. There were volunteer tomatoes in a new area of the garden so they must have come from the compost. For now they are oblong green tomatoes, maybe Juliette's?
Now its off to water this said garden:) Happy early Independence Day!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Wonderful Weekends

I just cannot get enough of these wonderful summer weekends! Get together with the girls, late morning swim at the pool, evenings spent together playing. Its been a good weekend.

Summer lovin!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

All ends well

My little man was down and out today :( He slept until 9ish, which  RARELY every happens. I woke up around 6 like usual and went in to see if Bubs was moving around yet, he was still out and his little body was burning up. Poor guy had a low grade fever. So I took the morning off to hang out at home with him and my parents took the afternoon with him so I could head into work for a few hours. I had a doctor's appointment at 3:15, sat there until 4:45 only to be called up to the reception window and told that my doctor had been called to labor & delivery.... OF COURSE. In reality I cannot be that mad, that is what my doctor is there to do. That could be me calling in the near future getting ready to bring our wonderful baby boy into this world :) Even saying that just makes my heart skip a beat. So putting it into perspective, no  harm no foul. My appointment was rescheduled for Thursday so I will be back with an update on the baby front soon. As for the rest of the evening, Brody was asleep in his room by 6:15 so we are going to enjoy the quiet evening at home.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Pickles anyone?

Yesterday was my first attempt at making pickles! I bought a 4 pack of pickling cucumber plants this year and they have taken off! I was shocked to see 4 cucumbers ready to pick this early! So of course I hopped on the internet to search for a first timers pickling receipe. I used this one at  I did indeed make my own pickling mix, because I needed to trim up a dill plant in my herb garden. This receipe was a refrigerator recipe since I do not have all the supplies for canning yet, hopefully for my birthday this year! But I was pleasantly surprised when I heard the lids pop telling me they had sealed! I will most likely still store them in the fridge just to be safe. I am sooooo excited to try these! They will soak for a week or so before I dive into them. I will keep you updated on what I thought of the recipe :0

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Wonderful Weekend

It has been a wonderful weekend! Friday night PJ and I took Brody to Union Station to look at the trains then to Frtiz's in crown center. Fritz's is a family friendly joint that bring your food to you on little automated trains. It was super cool and super entertaining for Bubs! It is so fun to watch him grow and develope into a little boy, and my goodness he is 100% boy!
Saturday morning Brody and I went to the Library, Brody's first trip! He did sooo good! He picked up a picture book, while I picked up a cook book and a pregnancy book. After checking out we headed to a park close by. I packed a picnic  of sandwiches, cheez-its and veggies with hummus. While he bounced around I sat back and chatted with a grandmother there with her grandson. We had a bite to eat than headed home for naptime. While Brody napped I finished my current book, more on that later. We had leftovers and made chocolate chip cookies last night. I tried a new recipe that I saw in the KC Star and LOVED it. I will def be making these again, and probably soon!
Today we went to the pool for a mid morning swim and have had a lazy afternoon at home, the perfect way to wrap up a wonderul weekend.... how I wish tomorrow was not Monday... UGH! I did get some work done in the kitchen while the boys were napping. That will be a post to come. For now I am off to check on our homemade pizza dough and enjoy the evening.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sharing the Joy

Wow, so it has been almost a year since I have posted anything.... pretty lame right! Well our wedding has come and gone, it was beautiful of course and literally everything we wanted it to be. It was a beautiful 75 degree day here in Kansas City and we were surrounded by lots of family, friends and love. It was wonderful!
The honeymoon last October was just a wonderful, a 7 day cruise through the Caribbean. We visited the Bahamas, St. Thomas, Puerto Rico and Turks & Cacaos. We met a wonderful couple who shared PJ's love for college football and our common love for beer :) That 8 day vacation came and went in all its glory.

Back to real life ... work , home & being a mama. Speaking of mama we found out we were pregnant  early Tuesday January 10th! I was suppose to start that day but just knew. I woke excited to take the pregnancy test. I went to the bathroom and slid open the drawer that held the purple and white stick anxiously awaiting to pee.... weird I know.....and could not hold my excitement when I saw a purple plus sign! I went into our room and gently woke PJ up saying, look babe! We had been hoping since October that we would see that little purple plus sign. We were going to be blessed with a #2 :)
We found out April 24th at 3:28pm that we were going to be having another boy! PJ was thrilled and my suspicion was confirmed :) A mother of boys I will be! I always knew we would have boys, I have always pictured 3 sons.... we will see what the cards hold for our future though.
The first trimester it was all about rest. Daddy totally stepped up to the plate as I would get home at 5 and want to fall asleep by 6:30. Exhausted and feeling guilty about not having enough energy to get on the floor and rough house with my son, PJ took on all of the parenting work with vigor, feeding, bathing & putting our son to bed. I was so lucky to have PJ step up to the plate like that! I started feeling better mid third month. This pregnancy has been much different than my last however; I have been WAY more moody, tired, stressed. I guess you could say it was because I am chasing after a 2 year old. Which I suppose could be part of it. I think that in the past year there was a little lapse in me feeling my happiness? I remembered recently why I started to blog. It helped me focus on the good in
my life. And when I stopped sharing the good, even if it was just for myself,
I lost that perspective a little.... So hear I am, back trying to gain that perspective and I already feel the difference as I type. So I am here to share the good and the bad to help myself and maybe someone else along the way. My life is a beautiful and I want to share that, to enhance that and live that through the easy and the hard. So here I am, making no promises but the one to myself ,to share, My dad once told me once, "Sharing makes sorrows less, but more importantly make the joys greater"
I will be back soon :)