Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Waiting for inspiration?

Jessie,a friend who i met through work, when i started at 360 Architecture, should be an inspiration to us all. Jessie like me has a degree in public relations, and also like me, started at 360 as the receptionist. After training me at the front desk Jessie moved up to the Marketing department. I am not sure how or when it happened (I was on Maternity leave) but she had decided to follow her love of fashion. She took a job managing a J. Crew store here in Kansas City.

I am not kidding you when i say she has major talent! She has a fashion blog - http://www.theconcretecatwalk.com/, which just celebrated it's 1 year blogversary! She has also recently started her own business, Style & Pepper, http://www.style-and-pepper.com/, a wardrobe consulting business. I mean this woman is truly amazing! Not only does she work a full-time job, but she blogs and runs her own business on the side.... I wish I could make that much time in one day.
So it makes me think.... What am i waiting for? I know not all of us are meant to be entrepreneurs but i have to believe that there is a place that fits so perfectly that it allows me to be the best me I can be. I am assuming the path to this place involves hard work and dedication,(which i am compiling my energy for right now... excuses excuses i know)Now you might ask where this place may be.... well at the moment i am perfecting that answer. I of course will keep you updated on my journey
With tons of love and lots of thought,

Monday, June 28, 2010

My favorite photo

I was at work the other day and realized i had the same desktop background on my computer since i had been back. Now don't get me wrong the picture is pretty dang cute.... I know right!?

But i decided it was time for a more recent picture of my little man. And while i was searching i came across the perfect one.... Its my new favorite picture. Whenever i am having a rough day at work all i have to do is look at this picture and it brings me back to center. It helps bring me back to center, and the 2 things i love the most... My little 'tink and my big 'tink :) These 2 boys stole my heart a long time ago.

Take time to enjoy your loved ones!


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fathers day!

For this fathers day i was feeling very crafty. I ended up making my dad a frame with pictures of him and Brody together. On the top of the frame i wrote, Me and Gramps (since technically it was from Brody) He loved it! He got a little bit choked up reading the card that i got for him but that is nothing out of the ordinary. We celebrated early with my family because my mom and dad were going to Cali for a couple weeks, where they are right now :) We all went over to their house for dinner last Wednesday night. We were suppose to grill and of course there was a torrential downpour right as we were loading up to head over to their house. So we ended up just using the Foreman grill and eating inside. And best of all when we were heading out the door to head back home after dinner look what was spotted.....

A good omen i would say :) Words can not express how lucky i am to have such a wonderful father for me and another wonderful one for my son :)

This weekend we went to Butler to celebrate fathers day with PJ's family. We drove down Saturday afternoon and spent the evening barbecuing and had a few beers (or a few too many!) It was nice getting to hang out and just relax with the Ragans. Brody woke up around 6 Sunday morning so me and him got up and made sure to have Papa's present out on the counter before he got to the kitchen. I think Brody had a plan the whole time and knew that i would need the 6 a.m wake up call to get Papa's present out in time. We got him a photo mug with a collage of pictures of Brody, Mike and PJ. He LOVED it! :) I wish i had taken a picture with him holding it... Oh and i forgot i had made him a Peach blueberry pie from scratch! It was my first pie, so the crust was not as flaky as i would have liked but boy did it taste good!

We hope everyone had a wonderful fathers day and got to share all the joy that dads bring us!


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Nothing says summer like Garden Party!

In honor of the first HOT day of summer yesterday....

I read a fun little article in the star recently about Garden Parties. I LOVE LOVE LOVE outdoor entertaining! Well i can not say that i have tried my hand at too many "fancy garden parties" but i have thrown a few girls dinner outdoors and they have all been a success.

It reminds me of my family. Our love for the outdoors is strong. So entertaining reminds me of being on the farm (My uncle lives on the old farm where my dads family grew up). Sitting on the front porch just chatting, laughing, debating with family about who knows what.... those are the good times i associate with outdoor entertaining :) I don't think there is anything better for the soul then to sit outside in the evening with a glass of wine and some close friends. Impromptu get togethers are always the best! To make life easier for an impromptu get together the article suggested to have these things on hand....

1. Have a 10 foot x 10 foot tent, they are easy, relatively cheap and portable (We just got one but have not used it yet)

2. Keep a basket of cutlery in the cabinets ( We would just use our regular silverware... we need not go too fancy here people!)

3. Stock up on fun plastic plates, bowl and glasses. I am sure at the end of the season you can find cheapies at wal-mart, target or a party warehouse type store. Fun, brightly colored are always great for a summer get together. I would say to just pick up paper plates, but the green in me says reduce, reuse recycle! So with the plastic you can rinse and reuse! Perfect and cheap, that's the way I roll!

Walmart.com, Partywarehouse.com & Pier1.com

4. Have some summery pillows/cushions for patio furniture (if you have any. Which we got very lucky and got some for cheap last year... This is very similar ours except we also have ottomans that go with the chairs....)

Now with that being said, half of the time we have people over very spur of the moment, our back yard has not been mowed, grill has not been cleaned and the furniture has not been wiped down but it does not matter we have a grand old time.

Here is the article if you want to take a gander....


Made with love....

Is it weird that making my own baby food helps me feel close to Brody.... Maybe food is just one of those things for me.

For me food is a celebration. When I plan a get together with friends or family food is the first things i think of. It truly makes me happy! My weight suffers because of it but i enjoy reading about it, shopping for it, making it, experimenting with it and eating it. There literally might not be anything that I dislike about food.
So then why wouldn't i Brody's first foods?! I feel like i put love into it.... with every swirl of that spoon is a little more love i have for that little boy :) Thinking about standing in the kitchen surrounded by avocados mashed in a bowl, with sweet potatoes boiling and peas cooling in the pan waiting to be made into a masterpiece of nutrition and love..... that makes me happy :) I think i was born to be a mama, to nurture my baby, to make a house a home (with decor and clutter, lol) ... so maybe since i am not at home with him during the days i feel like this is one thing i can do, one recipe i can pass on to him with lots of love and thought stired in.
Spend some time in your kitchen thinking about all your loved ones, it might just brighten your day :)
Sending lots of love your way ~~~~~~~

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Pool Party!

Every year we have at least one annual pool party at our family friend Rick's house. We usually get there around noon and play in the pool, eat, drink and be merry for the afternoon and into the evening. Well this time was Uber special... It was Brodacious' first time swimming! And let me tell you this little guy is going to be a fish!!!

Of course he was a little cautious, he clung to dad's shoulder and whimpered at first, but he warmed up to it so quickly! My mom had bought him a little bucket shovel set so he was banging away with those :) It was such a great afternoon! I am just such a proud proud mama! I need to look up evening swim lessons ASAP!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Brody is starting to CRAWL! Yep that is right.... my little boy is MOBILE! It just blows my mind :) The first time he got moving .... he was hanging out on his pallet (we lay a large blanket down on the carpet for him) and all of the sudden spotted the remote. I totally knew what was coming.... he focused in on that remote and concentrated so hard i was half expecting it to start moving towards him! After about a minute of staring at it he pushed up onto all fours and started doing the rocking/thrusting thing.... Peej and me just stared in amazement, its so funny to watch him do :) After getting his momentum up he took a small scootch forward! Then he did it again :) Its amazing to see him so determined :) He was going to get to that remote not matter how long it took him! I will try and get a video up as soon as we get one! I need to start using the video setting on my camera more!
*UPDATE* He is going everywhere now! Not on all 4s yet but i have a feeling that is just sneaking up on us too! Last night we were in the kitchen making dinner and Brods was just hanging out scooting behind me everywhere i went... It is so darling! My little boy is growing so fast. . . Pics/video to follow in the next day or so! :)
Happy Wednesday!
Love KT

First tooth!

So its official, our little man is getting his first tooth! When PJ woke up on Saturday him and Brods were playing, and by playing i mean Pj was letting Brods chew on his finger :) Pj shot up and said "Bubby has his first tooth mom!" I got so excited and immediately stuck my finger in his mouth to feel the slightest little tip of his first tooth! :) Since Saturday it has pushed through even more! So it looks like my man is getting bigger by the day!
(These are not his teeth but this is where they are and what they look like!)
I was so excited for his first tooth that i did not think about
everything that comes with it.... including the lack of sleep! My poor little guy is having a really hard time calming down at night before bed as well as staying calm during sleep. He is whimpering in his sleep and waking up often. So for the time being he is still getting his one bottle a night around 2 and the other times during the night that he wakes up we just pop in and stick his binks back in. I think the binks helps easy the pain of the little guy coming in.

Its all so exciting but i feel bad for the little dude at the same time! Oh well its all part of the processes and we will get through it just like everything else :)
Have a great short week!