Friday, July 29, 2011

Fresh Veggie Pizza

One of my favorite things about having a garden is picking fresh veggies right out of the garden before dinner! The freshness and the flavor are just amazing... That being said the only thing in this meal that was FRESH out out of the garden are the tomatoes. The yellow and green zucchini were from my friends garden last week, carrots from my garden a couple days ago, onions and potatoes are store bought. So the majority of the toppings are from mine or a close friends garden! We are lucky for such plentiful crops.
I am also making an effort to waste less. So when I decided to make homemade pizza tonight I knew the perfect topping for my pizza would be the leftover sauteed veggies from our dinner last night (baked salmon and sauteed veggies)

Leftover sauteed veggies with sauteed shrimp. (Sauteed in olive oil seasoned with Italian herbs & garlic)
My go to crust recipe is a no kneed dough from Delectable Deliciousness. It is the perfect crust! It takes some time to rise but is basically no effort needed. I highly recommend trying this recipe. The results vary on the size pan you use and the thickness you stretch it to. We prefer a thinner crust, that still has some volume to it.

Homemade pizza dough with a layer of cherry tomatoes fresh from the garden

A sprinkle of feta over the tomatoes was just the right touch!

Next comes shredded mozzarella (if I had more in my grocery budget it would for sure go to good cheese. We go through cheese WAY FAST)

Finished Product, Veggie Pizza!

Had to take a close up! It was such a pretty pizza!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Engagement Party!

My sister and her husband decided to throw us a little party for our engagement. It was a BLAST! friends and family came to celebrate with us :) Here are just a few silly pics from the party. Enjoy!

Me and my lovely fiance PJ :)

Sari (one of my bestest of friends and a bridesmaid) and me
Grace (another one of my best friends) and me
PJ, Pat (PJ's longest friend and groomsmen) and me trying to cheese it up :)

Monday, July 25, 2011

From Our Garden

I can not believe it is the end of July already! Where did it go??? I can tell you, HOT HOT HOT summer days is where it went! We have not had a lot of rain, so a lot of watering was done to keep by plant babies alive and kicking :) Please enjoy the photos from my garden!

Giant Belgium Heirloom Tomatoes (started from seed by a friend)
I will not see too many of these this year but am so
excited for the 6 to 8 that I have on the plant!
Little cucumber on the vine
I had a bunch of cucumbers early on in the season but they are slowly dying out due to the heat and lack of moisture. I am still harvesting a few and trying to keep these babies alive!
Cherry Tomatoes
My cherry tomatoes always prosper. They are probably my favorite garden plant that I grow. Nothing like eating a sweet sun-kissed cherry tomato right from the vine!
Cantaloupe on the vine. (I hopefully will be able to harvest 8 - 10 of these when the time is right!)
Watermelon on the vine (I have spotted 4 already!)
I built a second garden terrace just for my cantaloupe, watermelon & pumpkin. I like its charming. And whatever is in that soil.... the melons LOVE it. They have taken over!!! I will have to get a picture of the whole melon bed, with the old stone and vines draping over, its delightful.
Baby Pumpkin on the vine.
My harvest from yesterday evening. I feel so blessed for everything we have.
Our little friend that joined me in watering last night :)
To end the day I made a peach cucumber smoothie. Light & Refreshing, perfect for a summer evening.

Welcome Back

It has been waaaaay toooooo loooooong since I have posted! With summer comes busy schedules, lots of family time, gardening, pools, bbqs. Not only that but its crunch time for the wedding, 2 months from yesterday! And raising a 2 year old.... life gets hectic. But I would not h ave it any other way! Life is good. My garden is thriving, I have harvested many tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots. Of course we harvested our beets and spinach earlier this year.
Wedding planning is going well! we have all the invites out. We have our tasting Wednesday night with the caterer and we went over floor plans last week with our reception venue. Everything is pretty much on schedule! My dress is BEAUTIFUL. I just had a fitting last week, and it was a tad bit snug.... lol time to cut out sweets and eat my veggies!
And most importantly Brody is doing FABULOUS. He is talking a mile a minute :) Super active, fun loving, busy little toddler :) He started yet a new daycare. This one is an actual center where he sleeps on a little cot and plays with kids his age. He is still adjusting but is doing great. As hard as it is for mama I know it will be best in the long run.
Now for a muffin recipe. This week I made peanut butter and chocolate chip muffins. They are so super moist and delish! I added some sour cream that need to be used up as well as some peanut butter chips. Annie's Eats never fails on delicious recipes!
These were seriously great!
After dessert for breakfast I decided to do a bit more of a healthy lunch....
With about a forth a cup of hummus and a few strawberries for dessert :) all of this, minus the pepper, is fresh from my or a friend of mine's garden. I am one lucky lady!