Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dinner is served!

So by the time i got done cleaning last night there was no time to make any dinner. BUT we had already planned ahead for that and grilled some extra chicken breast. I had thinned out my lettuces from the night before so i had some of that in the fridge as well. And low and behold there was one mini pizza crust with my name written all over it! And this is what I came up with... Deliciousness! OK so here is what i did. First of all i brushed the pizza crust with a little olive oil. Next I strategically placed 3 pieces of mescalin (salad greens) for layer 1. Next was thinly sliced tomatoes, thinly sliced chicken, mozzarella cheese and finished off with some green peppers! OMG it was so good! I was really impressed with myself obviously lol :) I am so looking forward to this pizza in the summer time when i have fresh tomatoes and green peppers to add. . . oh and maybe some fresh basil as well! DELISH :)
I finished of the night with a scoop of ice cream, strawberries & a brownie... Man i was really diggin the food last night!
Just remember its always good to have pizza crusts to play around with! We love food & you!


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Work work work...

So I have figured out that i really have 2 full time jobs.... my day job, pays the bills & being a mommy, the one that pays the spirit. And most of the time everything else gets put on the back burner.... I SOOO wish i could give up my day job but unfortunately the bills will not get paid if that happens.
This is why it always seems like there is never enough time in one day! I always have a list of about 25 things and rarely do i get more then 5 crossed off a week. I have been making time for my running but that is about it. Dinners with the fam are of course important too! But between day job, playing, feeding, bathing and just being a mommy it seems like the laundry never gets done in time, floors never get cleaned, NOTHING ever gets dusted... you get the idea. And to be completely honest i can hardly keep my eyes open past 9pm! I know some working women can juggle it all, but i am pretty sure they make enough money to hire a maid to do the house work. lol
I AM NOT COMPLAINING! I just want to get that point across.... just letting you in on the little secrets of my life :)
Sending Love your way!


Monday, May 17, 2010


Brody has officially been eating big boy food for a week! We started with a sweet potato. At first he was a little weary of them he would take a bite of the creamy mixture and then he would take break :) About halfway through his bowl he decided that he was done. I think that next time i will put them in the food processor to make the potatoes a little creamier!

His second veggie we just tried last night.... Avocado! And he LOVED it! I think he would have eaten the whole dang avocado if i would have let him :) But he only got about a fourth.... we decided since it was his first time eating avocado, it was probably best to test it out just in case it reeked havoc on his little tummy. Every time i would dip the spoon in the bowl and come out with some of the green goodness Brody would open his mouth wide and lean in so he could get the spoon to his mouth as soon as possible! It was so adorable how much he enjoyed it! And when i took the bowl away he started banging on his little highchair tray as if to say, "Hey! I was not done with that!"

My goal is to make his baby food. I know working moms that have done it and say it saves them a ton of money and its really easy! I think the plan is to take one day and steam, boil or bake all his veggies, puree them and then freeze them in an ice cube tray. After that has frozen you pop them out and store them in individual Tupperware, so the serving size it made! All you have to do is grab and go but its still homemade! This is the idea at least :)
Next up on our list are acorn squash, carrots, green beans & peas! And then as soon as we get through a few days of each, so we know he is not allergic, we will have free range of those!
Oh the excitement of food! And we all know how i LOVE food, I think Brody has inherited that from me. (see for yourself --->)
Until our next feeding...


Monday, May 10, 2010

Mothers Day

I had a wonderful mothers day weekend! We started it out my going to Butler Friday night to hang out with PJ's fam. We had dinner and played some poker, which of course i lost. Saturday morning i got my run out of the way first thing so I could enjoy a big breakfast of farm fresh eggs, sausage, bacon, biscuits and gravy and fruit salad! We hung out with Gram until about noon when we took off for home. Saturday i got to hang out with my sis and little man.

Then for Sunday, me and Bubs went to mass with my mom then to brunch with my Granny & sister. I went and picked out my new running shoes, which i LOVE! And then for dinner we went over to my moms for a feast of ribs, pasta salad, tater tots, corn, baked beans & of course a cupcake to finish off the evening:) Carrot cake & cream cheese icing, one of my favs!
My mom gave me a wonderful photo book that she made for my first mothers day, it was the best present! And of course it came from a woman who truly understands the meaning of mothers day :) I am so blessed to have such a wonderful mother and family!

One Proud Mama!