Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Chicken, literally

I have been doing my best to start living a healthier lifestyle, for me and for my little family. So in honor of that, last week while we were at the store we bought a Smart Chicken. I bought a whole chicken and we roasted it in the oven. It was DELICIOUS! I really do think i could tell the difference in the chicken.... but then again i had never roasted a whole chicken before.... We just used a dry rub on the skin and stuck it in the oven at 400 for an hour and 20 minutes or so. It was delicious! Then we used the leftover meat for a southwestern chicken lasagna last night.

So this smart chicken is certified organic. It is like the corporate organic chicken.... bizarre thought since corporate and organic are usually not grouped in the same family, or even close to if for that matter! But we are learning how to live a healthy and more sustainable lifestyle. I am on the hunt for a place to get local free range chicken and beef... I have a few leads out for both so hopefully sooner then later those leads will turn into meat in my fridge! I am going to look at some local farmers markets to see what they have as well. I will keep you all updated!




When i got home yesterday Brody looked at me and smiled and then played his bashful game like usual as i got settled into my pajamas for the evening. I went to pick him up and we just had the best ole time together! He was sitting on my lap giggling and smiling, and I thought to myself how lucky am I! What a fun age he is at. He laughs when i laugh, smiles, babels, he has even said "dadadada"! Patty cake is one of our favorite games as well as grabbing noses, lips and glasses of whoever is holding him!
It blows my mind to think about how much he is growing, changing & developing everyday.... Children are a true blessing that I can not even come close to describing :)

Monday, April 26, 2010


So recently I have started running... I am not to sure how i feel about it yet. I really don't mind getting started doing it, and i love how i feel after i do it... it is just the running part I can not decide if I like! There are some days it seems like it comes easier to me. Other days i feel like my legs are flailing about, I can not catch my breath & my pass out at any moment. So my plan is to tough it out during those days and enjoy the scenery every other day. The goal is to run a 5K by the beginning of June. I started this venture 3 weeks ago.Weight watchers has a Walk It Challenge designed to get the members exercising. Well since i think that at this point i could walk a 5K, the girls (Sarah, Jessie, Beth & I) decided as a group to train to run it! They have a perfect program for beginners that builds you up to running 3 miles. I am on week 4 now and noticing the difference physically. My pant legs are a tad bit looser and i feel like my baby belly is slowly shrinking, it might just be wishful thinking.

I am taking Brody on these runs with me as well. I did a lot of reading about how important it is to teach babies from day one to be active... Some people might laugh at my earliest attempts (such as taking him jogging with me now) but i would agree with the experts that getting him out and about is super duper important! I will keep you updated on the 5K progress :)

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spring or fall

Oh how I love both seasons! Spring is 1/2 my favorite because of the anticipation it brings :) I love the smell of spring, the taste of spring, obviously the beauty of it.... there really is nothing that I don't like about spring. The rain showers are so beautiful and refreshing, that cool down the nights to where you can sleep with your window open and the slight breeze that follows a spring rain... there is nothing like it... the smell, the feel... its perfection.
But fall.... the cool relief from the summer heat, the trees set aglow by Autumn winds, the peaceful sound of those leaves snuggling up against on another as if they were finding their way into their own beds. The anticipation of the holidays spent with family and friends and the love shared and felt during those times... and of course my favorite thing about fall.... Our son's birthday!
What a wonderful thing to say, hear, feel..... i let the words roll off my tongue and hang in the air right in front of me. . . our son...
I was just telling someone today how if I could go back and relive the last week of pregnancy and labor I would do it over and over again and probably not change a darn thing. I am so lucky though. To have had such a wonderful experience... or maybe I just have that mama gene that makes anything surrounding our son that spectacular! Who knows....

Oh how i can get lost in these wonderful wonderful WONDERFUL thoughts! IF these were the only thoughts that roamed my brain think about what a delightful person I would be.... it would probably border annoying i would be so delightful :) hee hee
Well most of the time they are the things on my mind... so here they are to be shared with you! Spring or fall.... what do you choose?
Sending beautiful thoughts your way :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

He found his feet!

For some reason i have really been anticipating the day that Brody would find his feet. I have always thought the pictures where babies are gnawing on there feet are just the cutest! I am not sure why.
Well the day has officially arrived!! :) Two weekends ago while i was changing his diaper, he had noticed these funny little things sticking up in the air. While he took notice to them, they only got about 30 seconds of attention before he decided to move onto something else. So that has been happening for the last few weeks.... well last night as i was drying him off after his bath something happened..... those feet swung in the air and he finally got them!!! He looked longingly at his feet and tried to pull them closer. IT was one of the cutest things i have seen so far with my little man. He wanted to chew on those feet soooo bad! His mouth was stretched to its limit and he kept straining his neck like "oh maybe if i get my head to meet those things half way i could just have a little nibble!" Well i think he might have gotten those precious little tootsies in there for a split second, but nothing long enough to quench his thirst for feet!

(Yes these are my sons monster feet! The photo is from our 1st month pictures that Jessica Danley took, Peace of U Photography,

Monday, April 12, 2010

Busy busy busy bee!!!

This past weekend we were busy bees around our house! Like i had said last week was my spring cleaning week, and i am proud to say that i got most of my tasks done! The 2 left on my list are clean the fridge & plant my potted herbs! So i am thinking that is not bad for a week long, chalk board full of to-dos.

One of the big to-do's was to get my lettuce planted. Well i got all the seeds in the ground and low and behold this afternoon when i was out watering this is what i saw...

I am not sure if you can see but there are little green plants there! I was so thrilled to see them! I immediately called my dad and told him proudly that i had lettuce :) I am waiting until i actually have lots of little plants to weed, so i can distinguish between the weeds and plants.

Also this past weekend my dad came over and we extended the garden. I am so excited to have more space to play with this year! I think i will add a few new members to my garden... possibly watermelon and squash, ,maybe add a few more carrots.

After a long weekend working in the garden we decided to grill on Sunday night. Let me tell you, a beer has never tasted so good after all the hard work of the weekend!

Bubs also got in on the nice weather action while dad grilled and mom relaxed :)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


So i dedicated this week as my spring cleaning week... and i am already so tired! On Monday i went through my closet and packed up my winter clothes & coats. I also have 3 huge bags of clothes sitting in my living room waiting to be taken to a Planet Aid drop off.
Yesterday we did yard work. We raked up all the odds & ends of toy pieces that the dogs have chewed up! I also did the initial "turning over" of the soil in my garden! I am so excited for spring :)

(My garden right after i got my baby plants in the soil last year)
Brody got to hang out outside with us while doing all the yard work yesterday. I really do believe it is SUPER important to get our little ones outside even if they can not be active with us, it sets the stage for an active childhood.... which is seeming to become less and less with all the technology these days.
Tonight I think i might work on organizing a few cabinets (Bathroom & living room). And hopefully i will be able to get my lettuce and spinach into the ground!
To say the least i am one tired Mama today.... already! Its only 7:52 am! OH well its totally worth it :)



Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Good things come in small packages

I was planning on just running to the store to pick up some seeds for my herb garden over lunch. A few of the girls from work joined me... it really made my day :)
good things come in small packages

Minnesota Madness

Brody took his first trip to visit Aunt Heb & Beth! And let me tell you he was the best little traveler! I was so worried about how he would do in the car... he did GREAT!!! :) He napped and played with me and Aunt Beth. Heb and Beth of course adored him as well. I mean who doesn't. Heb read to him and took him on the garden tour :)

While we were there we did LOTS and i mean LOTS of shopping. Mall of America one day and IKEA the next. I would have to say that IKEA was by far my fav. I so wish we had one that was a little bit closer then 7 hours away :) Below is my favorite purchase for the whole trip! Pj has been harping on me to be a more organized person... so my first thought was "Great! I get to buy something cute and fun to become more organized!" And here she is :) I already have a Honey to do list written :) That's what he gets for telling me to become more organized!

We also went and saw a show at the Guthrei. Gramps stayed home with the little man while the girls went and got a drink and saw A Brief Encounter. The show itself was pretty good, not my fav however. My mom described it as a romantic comedy... it was a little dark to be a romantic comedy. But that is life for ya :)

The whole trip was so much fun! I was so not ready to come back to reality... yet here i am!
Have a great Tuesday!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Minneapolis here we come!

Brods is going on his first vacation!! My fam is driving up to Minneapolis this evening after work. I could not be more excited! First of all i get to see my dear aunts, they are the best :) And second we get to shop and relax. What a great weekend plan!
My mom and sis could not be happier to get to spend the weekend with the little man. I am a little worried about the drive back. On the way up there this evening should not be terrible, but the way back on Sunday in the middle of the day might be pretty brutal!
I am sure you will hear all about our adventures :)