Monday, March 29, 2010


We noticed that Brods was mesmerized when we ate... he would watch every bite traveling to our mouths and continue to stare as we made it through the meal.... every once and awhile as the food made its way to my mouth i would notice Brody open his as if he was receiving that same bite. So naturally I thought this was the sign that he was ready! So he got tried his first bite of cereal on Sunday! He was not a fan at all! Well i think that we approached it all wrong, totally my fault. I thought that it would make sense to feed him the cereal when he was hungry... boy was i wrong! He screamed and cried until he got his bottle. Well after talking to my mom she brought up a good point that maybe we should try and feed it to him while we are all eating our dinner. So Nana (my mom) held Brods while we ate and he was just playing around with his spoon, no cereal on it, having a grand ole time so we decided it was his big moment! I loaded the spoon up with some rice cereal and in it went! The picture says the rest....

4.19.2010 UPDATE....
Brody is now eating cereal once a day! And he is getting very very good at it :) He really enjoys playing with the spoon. It so cute because when he sees the bowl he gets really excited, when he sees that spoon come out its game on! I am so proud of my big boy.... words can not describe how i am finding new wonders of motherhood everyday. Truly the most wonderful blessing in all of life!

Happy Monday!

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