Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Garden Update

It has been wickedly hot with no rain here. Not so good for the garden. Luckily three fourths of my garden area is mulched so retains water fairly well. I am still having to water every other day though to keep things from wilting. Here are some photos from my garden
This is the only pepper I have at the moment.... I had a large crop growing and in one swoop they were all gone :( Not sure if it was a rabbit, mice, or my dog, but whatever it was I was so disappointed.
Baby watermelon plants. These guys are doing great and loving the heat! I am hoping I can keep them watered enough to have a great harvest this year.
My gardening partner. Scarlet is the only one brave enough to put up the heat with me outside while I water, weed and harvest.
A small harvest of pickling cucumbers, which my gardening partner got into only moments later for a little snack... little turd
Cherry tomato plant, 1 of 3 which I hope keep producing delicious fruit. I am finding little green tomatoes all over the ground so am worried little critters are getting to them.
Baby cantaloupe, same story as watermelon, looking great now just need to keep them watered!
Beefmaster tomato, hopefully these bad boys will start ripening soon.

My newest garden terrace which includes, watermelon, cantaloupe, cucumbers and small herb garden.
Tomato jungle. There were volunteer tomatoes in a new area of the garden so they must have come from the compost. For now they are oblong green tomatoes, maybe Juliette's?
Now its off to water this said garden:) Happy early Independence Day!

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