Friday, July 6, 2012


So this will sound weird to most people but when I was not pregnant and would go for my yearly visit to the woman doctor, the smell of the hand soap would always take me back to my pregnancy. It was the usual sanitary hospital soap. Something about that sterile smell took me back to the days when Brody was in my tummy.... and I yearned to feel that movement, that purpose, that love that a momma to be cannot put into words. I can not believe 2.5 years have gone by so fast and that we are doing this again, I can not believe it in a good way! Just to clear that up :) As Brody & I were goofing around after his bath this evening I was kissing his little toes and took a deep breath in and lingered in that all too familiar smell of bubble bath and tear free shampoo. I am so lucky to get to experience being a mother, some days I take that for granted but today is not one of them

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