Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Work work work...

So I have figured out that i really have 2 full time jobs.... my day job, pays the bills & being a mommy, the one that pays the spirit. And most of the time everything else gets put on the back burner.... I SOOO wish i could give up my day job but unfortunately the bills will not get paid if that happens.
This is why it always seems like there is never enough time in one day! I always have a list of about 25 things and rarely do i get more then 5 crossed off a week. I have been making time for my running but that is about it. Dinners with the fam are of course important too! But between day job, playing, feeding, bathing and just being a mommy it seems like the laundry never gets done in time, floors never get cleaned, NOTHING ever gets dusted... you get the idea. And to be completely honest i can hardly keep my eyes open past 9pm! I know some working women can juggle it all, but i am pretty sure they make enough money to hire a maid to do the house work. lol
I AM NOT COMPLAINING! I just want to get that point across.... just letting you in on the little secrets of my life :)
Sending Love your way!


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