Friday, July 29, 2011

Fresh Veggie Pizza

One of my favorite things about having a garden is picking fresh veggies right out of the garden before dinner! The freshness and the flavor are just amazing... That being said the only thing in this meal that was FRESH out out of the garden are the tomatoes. The yellow and green zucchini were from my friends garden last week, carrots from my garden a couple days ago, onions and potatoes are store bought. So the majority of the toppings are from mine or a close friends garden! We are lucky for such plentiful crops.
I am also making an effort to waste less. So when I decided to make homemade pizza tonight I knew the perfect topping for my pizza would be the leftover sauteed veggies from our dinner last night (baked salmon and sauteed veggies)

Leftover sauteed veggies with sauteed shrimp. (Sauteed in olive oil seasoned with Italian herbs & garlic)
My go to crust recipe is a no kneed dough from Delectable Deliciousness. It is the perfect crust! It takes some time to rise but is basically no effort needed. I highly recommend trying this recipe. The results vary on the size pan you use and the thickness you stretch it to. We prefer a thinner crust, that still has some volume to it.

Homemade pizza dough with a layer of cherry tomatoes fresh from the garden

A sprinkle of feta over the tomatoes was just the right touch!

Next comes shredded mozzarella (if I had more in my grocery budget it would for sure go to good cheese. We go through cheese WAY FAST)

Finished Product, Veggie Pizza!

Had to take a close up! It was such a pretty pizza!

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