Monday, July 25, 2011

Welcome Back

It has been waaaaay toooooo loooooong since I have posted! With summer comes busy schedules, lots of family time, gardening, pools, bbqs. Not only that but its crunch time for the wedding, 2 months from yesterday! And raising a 2 year old.... life gets hectic. But I would not h ave it any other way! Life is good. My garden is thriving, I have harvested many tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots. Of course we harvested our beets and spinach earlier this year.
Wedding planning is going well! we have all the invites out. We have our tasting Wednesday night with the caterer and we went over floor plans last week with our reception venue. Everything is pretty much on schedule! My dress is BEAUTIFUL. I just had a fitting last week, and it was a tad bit snug.... lol time to cut out sweets and eat my veggies!
And most importantly Brody is doing FABULOUS. He is talking a mile a minute :) Super active, fun loving, busy little toddler :) He started yet a new daycare. This one is an actual center where he sleeps on a little cot and plays with kids his age. He is still adjusting but is doing great. As hard as it is for mama I know it will be best in the long run.
Now for a muffin recipe. This week I made peanut butter and chocolate chip muffins. They are so super moist and delish! I added some sour cream that need to be used up as well as some peanut butter chips. Annie's Eats never fails on delicious recipes!
These were seriously great!
After dessert for breakfast I decided to do a bit more of a healthy lunch....
With about a forth a cup of hummus and a few strawberries for dessert :) all of this, minus the pepper, is fresh from my or a friend of mine's garden. I am one lucky lady!

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