Monday, July 25, 2011

From Our Garden

I can not believe it is the end of July already! Where did it go??? I can tell you, HOT HOT HOT summer days is where it went! We have not had a lot of rain, so a lot of watering was done to keep by plant babies alive and kicking :) Please enjoy the photos from my garden!

Giant Belgium Heirloom Tomatoes (started from seed by a friend)
I will not see too many of these this year but am so
excited for the 6 to 8 that I have on the plant!
Little cucumber on the vine
I had a bunch of cucumbers early on in the season but they are slowly dying out due to the heat and lack of moisture. I am still harvesting a few and trying to keep these babies alive!
Cherry Tomatoes
My cherry tomatoes always prosper. They are probably my favorite garden plant that I grow. Nothing like eating a sweet sun-kissed cherry tomato right from the vine!
Cantaloupe on the vine. (I hopefully will be able to harvest 8 - 10 of these when the time is right!)
Watermelon on the vine (I have spotted 4 already!)
I built a second garden terrace just for my cantaloupe, watermelon & pumpkin. I like its charming. And whatever is in that soil.... the melons LOVE it. They have taken over!!! I will have to get a picture of the whole melon bed, with the old stone and vines draping over, its delightful.
Baby Pumpkin on the vine.
My harvest from yesterday evening. I feel so blessed for everything we have.
Our little friend that joined me in watering last night :)
To end the day I made a peach cucumber smoothie. Light & Refreshing, perfect for a summer evening.

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