Monday, November 22, 2010

Brody's Brithday Decor!

Better late then never that I post this! I found the cutest invite for Brody's Birthday party back in November. But the problem was there were no decorations that I could find that went with it.... So I just made our own!

The blank invitation we started with....

The Birthday Banner all from recycled materials (old copy paper, fishing line, cardboard boxes and ribbon from his baby shower)

I thought these guys were so cute! And they were semi-matching to his invite :)

The party favors.... I used more recycled paper (printed only on one side) to print these cute little images of the Internet. I made some cookies and with a little tape, plastic wrap and ribbon we were all set!
We also sent a picture of the invite to the woman who was making our cakes. Look how great they turned out! He got his own little cake all to himself .....

And then the big one for the rest of us to split :)

I had so much fun making all of this stuff for the party. Something about homemade decor to go with the theme makes it feel even more special! I am getting more and more into crafting these days! :) Hopefully I can start posting some better photos of things!

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