Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Once again I apologize for not writing much lately. Life has been a whirlwind.I got sick last week, then had Thanksgiving (which was wonderful by the way and hopefully I will post on that soon) and in the midst of it all have been packing and hunting for paperwork that I never thought I would have to find! This buying a house thing is exhausting.... very exciting too though!
On my way into work this morning I was thinking about the house we will be moving from in just a few days.... I have had so many wonderful things happen in that house. I began really cooking in that house. Trial and lots of error but I am getting better and have loved every second I have spent in that tiny little kitchen :) I had my first garden at that house. I never knew I would enjoy it that much.... being outside, hands in the dirt with the sun pelting down. Then come harvest time all the rich colors.... the red of the buckets of cherry tomatoes, the orange of the first carrot I had grown on my own, the scent as I walked past the mass amounts of cilantro that popped up.... there are so many good thoughts and memories that I will always have about my first garden :) And most importantly we brought our first baby home there.... I was pregnant there.... I remember the Sunday night that I stayed up all night with contractions just to have them stop at 6 am....winding my way on foot in and out of the streets of western hills to try and make the contractions start again, and then finally they did. After being out and about all day Tuesday running errands trying to stay busy... they had finally started! That night brings tears to my eyes every time it dances across my memory. Pj went to bed because we both thought, "false labor again". I stayed up rocking back and forth on all fours. Pausing to look up and see what was going on in the shows that I had missed. I had about a months worth of Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice and Brothers and Sisters accumulated on our DVR. Now don't get my wrong, I was not strategic enough to think to myself.... I should save up some shows so that while I am laboring at home I will have something to distract me. Oh how I wish I could claim that I was that prepared, alas I am not that type of person. But how it worked out beautifully. Meredeth Grey,Addison Montgomery and Nora Walker kept me great company during those wee hours of the morning. So on all fours I rocked back and forth and back and forth.... through all the contractions then rolled over to my side to catch up on what I had missed. Looking back now it was such a beautiful night. Just me and my little baby boy inching his way closer to meeting the world. I would not change a thing about that night....
As I stood in that tiny living room searching for what I could pack next, there was a flood of emotion... How much of our new life began in this house... the person I am becoming took shape in this house. I never thought I would be sentimental about a house.... I guess I was wrong :)

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  1. I think we're like that about a lot in life. I for one tend to look back and remember only the good memories, not the bad (hence the reason I am trying desperately to get back to England). Have you thought about maybe taking a video of the home so that Brody can see it later? That might help because you could show him where you brought him home to.