Thursday, December 16, 2010

Life is flying by...

Quick snap shot in our lives... Bubs got a little tummy virus thing/teething tummy (also known as ria :() Sorry if that is T.M.I for people! His little butt is so raw and chapped that he screams every time we change his diaper :( But besides that he is acting fine. And the good new of the day is..... No poop in the diaper when he woke up this morning! So hopefully we are on the downward end of this thing, whatever it may be!
On to better news. . . tomorrow we will be heading to the family farm in Salina for a Solstice celebration with the Cusicks! I love this time of year at the farm, lots of family and good laughs :) This year it will only be us and the Salina Cusicks but it will be as magical as ever! I am excited for Brody to get to play with his second cousins!!! :)
And last but not least today I have a cookie exchange at work! YAY COOKIES! :) I mad Monster cookies, and somewhat improvised on the ingredients, I ran out of oats and brown sugar.... added a little wheat germ, whole wheat flour and powdered sugar.... Voila!!

Happy Thursday friends! :)

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  1. I love that you just happen to have things like wheat germ on hand. I honestly have no idea what to even do with that!