Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New Home

So its official. We have moved into our new house. I have to admit i did shed a few tears as we stood outside our old house taking in the last few mins.... That house was the perfect house for us to start our family in. I will remember it fondly :) Now we are in a house that is twice the size and sometimes it feels a bit.... empty? I know that it takes time to make a new house feel like home. So we are just taking it a day at a time. I think I was just use to everything being close and the cozy feel of a small ranch style house. In time this house will feel like home I just know it :) Its beautiful and open and has more room then i ever thought we would have. Brody LOVES the carpet and has already been walking ALOT more then on the hardwoods. OH and he get actual wagon rides around the house! He loves that too :) I know that this will eventually feel like home to me :)
I think I will show you all a picture of a room at the new house with each post! This is obviously my kitchen. Its a little messy and not all the way unpacked yet (and a horrible picture that I took with my phone) ... but you get the idea! There is a little breakfast nook (you can see one of the chairs here) where a little 4 person round table fit perfectly! We still have lots of customizing to do as you can tell! Have a great day everyone!!!

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