Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Busy little bees

We have been soo busy lately! And the funny thing is I cannot tell you exactly what we have been doing. lol There has been a lot of wedding planning going on. I am so excited about everything! We have the venue, ceremony site, officiant, photographer and caterer all booked! After we got all of those ducks in a row for the same date I felt a huge sense of relief, like I could really start to enjoy the small stuff! We went dress shopping this weekend and I am happy to announce I have it narrowed down to a style, color and fabric that I would like. I am having my dress made, I feel SOOOO lucky that I get to do this. Talk about special! My own dress made for my body.... needless to say I am SO EXCITED! My bridesmaids and I went to lunch and shopping on Saturyday and just had the best time! I have the best group of gals standing by me! I have an idea on colors and flowers that I would like. So I feel like everything is on track for the most part! The next stresser I can feel creeping in are the invitations.... I just don't know what way I want to go with them..... fancy? formal? fun? HELP!
Updates on other things besides wedding jazz, we are all fighting a little cold right now :( Brody is in the heat of his, mine is just starting, hopefully I can catch it before its too bad, and PJ's is just lingering. We are using our jogging stroller around 3 times a week, and I am thinking I can tell a little bit of a difference in my tummy area, YAY :) And of course as always I have been cooking up a storm. My soon to be sister in law stayed with us Friday and Saturday night and we had a blast! We made a delish spinach salad, homemade pizza and then for dessert homemade ice cream with blueberries! Yummy right!? Hopefully I will get some food pictures up soon... because who does not like to look at food!? In the meantime we hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the almost spring like weather :)

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