Wednesday, March 2, 2011

So Ready for Spring!

So today it was in the 50s so after work we decided to get out and take a walk. We have been cooped up for too long. Our little family of 3 have been passing around germs like it no body's business. First it was a cold, that seemed to have circulated between the 3 of us at least 2 times. And most recently it was a 24 hour flu bug that both me and the little man are just now getting over... meal time has been interesting lately to say the least. Brody does not want to sit in his highchair, eat at dinner time or eat any of the food offered to him. So tomorrow after school (daycare) he is not going to get any snacks in hopes that he will eat his dinner. I think he got way to use to eat little tid bits here and there while he was sick. (Not what we are going for on an everyday basis). I would not consider myself a strict parent but it is really important to me that he learn to get a healthy balanced diet from he beginning.
And this all relates to us getting outside for a walk. I feel like towards the end of winter when we are all cooped up and have not seen alot of sun or fresh air is when the germs really start flying! So I am in DESPERATE need of spring and fresh air. We have all of these wonderful windows to create a cross breeze in the new house and I am ready to open them up and take a breath of fresh air. Soooo... We went on a walk and when we got back we played in the front yard a bit! Peej raked all the leaves and such out of our front flower beds and I noticed there were some kind of bulbs coming up! This has me aching for spring even more!

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