Tuesday, June 26, 2012

All ends well

My little man was down and out today :( He slept until 9ish, which  RARELY every happens. I woke up around 6 like usual and went in to see if Bubs was moving around yet, he was still out and his little body was burning up. Poor guy had a low grade fever. So I took the morning off to hang out at home with him and my parents took the afternoon with him so I could head into work for a few hours. I had a doctor's appointment at 3:15, sat there until 4:45 only to be called up to the reception window and told that my doctor had been called to labor & delivery.... OF COURSE. In reality I cannot be that mad, that is what my doctor is there to do. That could be me calling in the near future getting ready to bring our wonderful baby boy into this world :) Even saying that just makes my heart skip a beat. So putting it into perspective, no  harm no foul. My appointment was rescheduled for Thursday so I will be back with an update on the baby front soon. As for the rest of the evening, Brody was asleep in his room by 6:15 so we are going to enjoy the quiet evening at home.

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