Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sharing the Joy

Wow, so it has been almost a year since I have posted anything.... pretty lame right! Well our wedding has come and gone, it was beautiful of course and literally everything we wanted it to be. It was a beautiful 75 degree day here in Kansas City and we were surrounded by lots of family, friends and love. It was wonderful!
The honeymoon last October was just a wonderful, a 7 day cruise through the Caribbean. We visited the Bahamas, St. Thomas, Puerto Rico and Turks & Cacaos. We met a wonderful couple who shared PJ's love for college football and our common love for beer :) That 8 day vacation came and went in all its glory.

Back to real life ... work , home & being a mama. Speaking of mama we found out we were pregnant  early Tuesday January 10th! I was suppose to start that day but just knew. I woke excited to take the pregnancy test. I went to the bathroom and slid open the drawer that held the purple and white stick anxiously awaiting to pee.... weird I know.....and could not hold my excitement when I saw a purple plus sign! I went into our room and gently woke PJ up saying, look babe! We had been hoping since October that we would see that little purple plus sign. We were going to be blessed with a #2 :)
We found out April 24th at 3:28pm that we were going to be having another boy! PJ was thrilled and my suspicion was confirmed :) A mother of boys I will be! I always knew we would have boys, I have always pictured 3 sons.... we will see what the cards hold for our future though.
The first trimester it was all about rest. Daddy totally stepped up to the plate as I would get home at 5 and want to fall asleep by 6:30. Exhausted and feeling guilty about not having enough energy to get on the floor and rough house with my son, PJ took on all of the parenting work with vigor, feeding, bathing & putting our son to bed. I was so lucky to have PJ step up to the plate like that! I started feeling better mid third month. This pregnancy has been much different than my last however; I have been WAY more moody, tired, stressed. I guess you could say it was because I am chasing after a 2 year old. Which I suppose could be part of it. I think that in the past year there was a little lapse in me feeling my happiness? I remembered recently why I started to blog. It helped me focus on the good in
my life. And when I stopped sharing the good, even if it was just for myself,
I lost that perspective a little.... So hear I am, back trying to gain that perspective and I already feel the difference as I type. So I am here to share the good and the bad to help myself and maybe someone else along the way. My life is a beautiful and I want to share that, to enhance that and live that through the easy and the hard. So here I am, making no promises but the one to myself ,to share, My dad once told me once, "Sharing makes sorrows less, but more importantly make the joys greater"
I will be back soon :)

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