Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Brody is starting to CRAWL! Yep that is right.... my little boy is MOBILE! It just blows my mind :) The first time he got moving .... he was hanging out on his pallet (we lay a large blanket down on the carpet for him) and all of the sudden spotted the remote. I totally knew what was coming.... he focused in on that remote and concentrated so hard i was half expecting it to start moving towards him! After about a minute of staring at it he pushed up onto all fours and started doing the rocking/thrusting thing.... Peej and me just stared in amazement, its so funny to watch him do :) After getting his momentum up he took a small scootch forward! Then he did it again :) Its amazing to see him so determined :) He was going to get to that remote not matter how long it took him! I will try and get a video up as soon as we get one! I need to start using the video setting on my camera more!
*UPDATE* He is going everywhere now! Not on all 4s yet but i have a feeling that is just sneaking up on us too! Last night we were in the kitchen making dinner and Brods was just hanging out scooting behind me everywhere i went... It is so darling! My little boy is growing so fast. . . Pics/video to follow in the next day or so! :)
Happy Wednesday!
Love KT

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