Thursday, June 10, 2010

Made with love....

Is it weird that making my own baby food helps me feel close to Brody.... Maybe food is just one of those things for me.

For me food is a celebration. When I plan a get together with friends or family food is the first things i think of. It truly makes me happy! My weight suffers because of it but i enjoy reading about it, shopping for it, making it, experimenting with it and eating it. There literally might not be anything that I dislike about food.
So then why wouldn't i Brody's first foods?! I feel like i put love into it.... with every swirl of that spoon is a little more love i have for that little boy :) Thinking about standing in the kitchen surrounded by avocados mashed in a bowl, with sweet potatoes boiling and peas cooling in the pan waiting to be made into a masterpiece of nutrition and love..... that makes me happy :) I think i was born to be a mama, to nurture my baby, to make a house a home (with decor and clutter, lol) ... so maybe since i am not at home with him during the days i feel like this is one thing i can do, one recipe i can pass on to him with lots of love and thought stired in.
Spend some time in your kitchen thinking about all your loved ones, it might just brighten your day :)
Sending lots of love your way ~~~~~~~

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