Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fathers day!

For this fathers day i was feeling very crafty. I ended up making my dad a frame with pictures of him and Brody together. On the top of the frame i wrote, Me and Gramps (since technically it was from Brody) He loved it! He got a little bit choked up reading the card that i got for him but that is nothing out of the ordinary. We celebrated early with my family because my mom and dad were going to Cali for a couple weeks, where they are right now :) We all went over to their house for dinner last Wednesday night. We were suppose to grill and of course there was a torrential downpour right as we were loading up to head over to their house. So we ended up just using the Foreman grill and eating inside. And best of all when we were heading out the door to head back home after dinner look what was spotted.....

A good omen i would say :) Words can not express how lucky i am to have such a wonderful father for me and another wonderful one for my son :)

This weekend we went to Butler to celebrate fathers day with PJ's family. We drove down Saturday afternoon and spent the evening barbecuing and had a few beers (or a few too many!) It was nice getting to hang out and just relax with the Ragans. Brody woke up around 6 Sunday morning so me and him got up and made sure to have Papa's present out on the counter before he got to the kitchen. I think Brody had a plan the whole time and knew that i would need the 6 a.m wake up call to get Papa's present out in time. We got him a photo mug with a collage of pictures of Brody, Mike and PJ. He LOVED it! :) I wish i had taken a picture with him holding it... Oh and i forgot i had made him a Peach blueberry pie from scratch! It was my first pie, so the crust was not as flaky as i would have liked but boy did it taste good!

We hope everyone had a wonderful fathers day and got to share all the joy that dads bring us!


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