Tuesday, June 1, 2010

First tooth!

So its official, our little man is getting his first tooth! When PJ woke up on Saturday him and Brods were playing, and by playing i mean Pj was letting Brods chew on his finger :) Pj shot up and said "Bubby has his first tooth mom!" I got so excited and immediately stuck my finger in his mouth to feel the slightest little tip of his first tooth! :) Since Saturday it has pushed through even more! So it looks like my man is getting bigger by the day!
(These are not his teeth but this is where they are and what they look like!)
I was so excited for his first tooth that i did not think about
everything that comes with it.... including the lack of sleep! My poor little guy is having a really hard time calming down at night before bed as well as staying calm during sleep. He is whimpering in his sleep and waking up often. So for the time being he is still getting his one bottle a night around 2 and the other times during the night that he wakes up we just pop in and stick his binks back in. I think the binks helps easy the pain of the little guy coming in.

Its all so exciting but i feel bad for the little dude at the same time! Oh well its all part of the processes and we will get through it just like everything else :)
Have a great short week!

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