Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Me and Jillian went head to head....

Oh yes, The 30 Day Shred is back in my life! And yes, once again it kick my A$$! I never knew 20 minutes could kick my butt..... oh but it does.
I was telling PJ the other day how I have felt like a "fat slug" to use exact words. I feel like I have been lazy since the Holidays and needed a little pick me up... a jump start if you will :) And Jillian is just the trick! I felt great after my quick workout yesterday! And I plan to jump along to the video at least 3 times a week if not more. I will keep you update on my progress!

And I have to say... I am so glad it is not Monday! Yesterday sucked! Let's get going on a good Tuesday!



  1. I have had this dvd for over a year and not been able to do it (because of my feet and then eventually the broken tailbone). I'm hoping to add it to my routine to help with the weight loss goal I've set!

  2. Its awesome! And the best thing for me is that 20 mins at home is doable! Ugh I have to fit into a wedding dress in less then 9 months... YIKES