Monday, January 10, 2011

Our Trip to the Mall!

This past weekend we had to run to Oak Park Mall to get my ring sized. So while we were there we made a stop by the small play area downstairs. Brody was in HEAVEN!

He stood there watching the other kids for a good 5 minutes before he took off to play. He is an observer for sure! But then he jumped right in! He cried when i hoisted him onto my hip when we were leaving. OH I almost forgot! A little girl came up to him and he gave her a hug! CUTEST THING EVER!!!!! PJ was just using my phone to get pictures and was off in lala land so did not get a shot of that :( Big surprise right people! lol
He wanted to walk everywhere in the mall.... somebody thinks he is a big boy! We need to start wearing shoes now I guess!
And last but not least we made it onto the carousel! Brody was not digging it though. lol too much moving and light and sounds.... oh well we will try in another year or so! All and all it was a great trip to the mall :)

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