Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Morning

Both of my boys are fed, watered and down for a nap! So this is what my Sunday morning looks like! YAY for Mommy time :)
Lots of this for the next hour.... Perfect!

Loads of dishes piled up so I am going to ignore them for an hour or 2 :)

Chicken stock made and ready to go into the freezer. Its my first attempt at homemade stock so I will keep you updated on how it is in a recipe!

Happy Sunday friends! :)


  1. Yay for homemade chicken stock! And I cannot wait to come back to the midwest and meet up with you for long as you will teach me to crochet more than a single line! I've had such a tough time of it, but want to make a few throws for the house before next winter!

  2. I will def teach you to crochet! I only know 2 stiches so far and my work is nowhere near perfect, but I find beauty in the imperfections. Thats my love in there :) I am working on a throw as well :) I will have to post about that soon! I only do things with straight lines so far.. lol