Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Minnesota Madness

Brody took his first trip to visit Aunt Heb & Beth! And let me tell you he was the best little traveler! I was so worried about how he would do in the car... he did GREAT!!! :) He napped and played with me and Aunt Beth. Heb and Beth of course adored him as well. I mean who doesn't. Heb read to him and took him on the garden tour :)

While we were there we did LOTS and i mean LOTS of shopping. Mall of America one day and IKEA the next. I would have to say that IKEA was by far my fav. I so wish we had one that was a little bit closer then 7 hours away :) Below is my favorite purchase for the whole trip! Pj has been harping on me to be a more organized person... so my first thought was "Great! I get to buy something cute and fun to become more organized!" And here she is :) I already have a Honey to do list written :) That's what he gets for telling me to become more organized!


We also went and saw a show at the Guthrei. Gramps stayed home with the little man while the girls went and got a drink and saw A Brief Encounter. The show itself was pretty good, not my fav however. My mom described it as a romantic comedy... it was a little dark to be a romantic comedy. But that is life for ya :)

The whole trip was so much fun! I was so not ready to come back to reality... yet here i am!
Have a great Tuesday!

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