Monday, April 12, 2010

Busy busy busy bee!!!

This past weekend we were busy bees around our house! Like i had said last week was my spring cleaning week, and i am proud to say that i got most of my tasks done! The 2 left on my list are clean the fridge & plant my potted herbs! So i am thinking that is not bad for a week long, chalk board full of to-dos.

One of the big to-do's was to get my lettuce planted. Well i got all the seeds in the ground and low and behold this afternoon when i was out watering this is what i saw...

I am not sure if you can see but there are little green plants there! I was so thrilled to see them! I immediately called my dad and told him proudly that i had lettuce :) I am waiting until i actually have lots of little plants to weed, so i can distinguish between the weeds and plants.

Also this past weekend my dad came over and we extended the garden. I am so excited to have more space to play with this year! I think i will add a few new members to my garden... possibly watermelon and squash, ,maybe add a few more carrots.

After a long weekend working in the garden we decided to grill on Sunday night. Let me tell you, a beer has never tasted so good after all the hard work of the weekend!

Bubs also got in on the nice weather action while dad grilled and mom relaxed :)

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