Monday, April 26, 2010


So recently I have started running... I am not to sure how i feel about it yet. I really don't mind getting started doing it, and i love how i feel after i do it... it is just the running part I can not decide if I like! There are some days it seems like it comes easier to me. Other days i feel like my legs are flailing about, I can not catch my breath & my pass out at any moment. So my plan is to tough it out during those days and enjoy the scenery every other day. The goal is to run a 5K by the beginning of June. I started this venture 3 weeks ago.Weight watchers has a Walk It Challenge designed to get the members exercising. Well since i think that at this point i could walk a 5K, the girls (Sarah, Jessie, Beth & I) decided as a group to train to run it! They have a perfect program for beginners that builds you up to running 3 miles. I am on week 4 now and noticing the difference physically. My pant legs are a tad bit looser and i feel like my baby belly is slowly shrinking, it might just be wishful thinking.

I am taking Brody on these runs with me as well. I did a lot of reading about how important it is to teach babies from day one to be active... Some people might laugh at my earliest attempts (such as taking him jogging with me now) but i would agree with the experts that getting him out and about is super duper important! I will keep you updated on the 5K progress :)

Happy Monday!

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