Wednesday, April 14, 2010

He found his feet!

For some reason i have really been anticipating the day that Brody would find his feet. I have always thought the pictures where babies are gnawing on there feet are just the cutest! I am not sure why.
Well the day has officially arrived!! :) Two weekends ago while i was changing his diaper, he had noticed these funny little things sticking up in the air. While he took notice to them, they only got about 30 seconds of attention before he decided to move onto something else. So that has been happening for the last few weeks.... well last night as i was drying him off after his bath something happened..... those feet swung in the air and he finally got them!!! He looked longingly at his feet and tried to pull them closer. IT was one of the cutest things i have seen so far with my little man. He wanted to chew on those feet soooo bad! His mouth was stretched to its limit and he kept straining his neck like "oh maybe if i get my head to meet those things half way i could just have a little nibble!" Well i think he might have gotten those precious little tootsies in there for a split second, but nothing long enough to quench his thirst for feet!

(Yes these are my sons monster feet! The photo is from our 1st month pictures that Jessica Danley took, Peace of U Photography,

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