Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spring or fall

Oh how I love both seasons! Spring is 1/2 my favorite because of the anticipation it brings :) I love the smell of spring, the taste of spring, obviously the beauty of it.... there really is nothing that I don't like about spring. The rain showers are so beautiful and refreshing, that cool down the nights to where you can sleep with your window open and the slight breeze that follows a spring rain... there is nothing like it... the smell, the feel... its perfection.
But fall.... the cool relief from the summer heat, the trees set aglow by Autumn winds, the peaceful sound of those leaves snuggling up against on another as if they were finding their way into their own beds. The anticipation of the holidays spent with family and friends and the love shared and felt during those times... and of course my favorite thing about fall.... Our son's birthday!
What a wonderful thing to say, hear, feel..... i let the words roll off my tongue and hang in the air right in front of me. . . our son...
I was just telling someone today how if I could go back and relive the last week of pregnancy and labor I would do it over and over again and probably not change a darn thing. I am so lucky though. To have had such a wonderful experience... or maybe I just have that mama gene that makes anything surrounding our son that spectacular! Who knows....

Oh how i can get lost in these wonderful wonderful WONDERFUL thoughts! IF these were the only thoughts that roamed my brain think about what a delightful person I would be.... it would probably border annoying i would be so delightful :) hee hee
Well most of the time they are the things on my mind... so here they are to be shared with you! Spring or fall.... what do you choose?
Sending beautiful thoughts your way :)

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