Friday, October 15, 2010

Busy Bee

I feel like I have been extremely busy as of late! There are several new things going on in life right now. First, I have been given more "duties" at work which is keeping me MUCH busier throughout the day! Second, we are in the process of getting our application in for a house loan! (we are waiting on one more thing to come through before we can submit all of our paperwork) Which leads me to third, look for houses! We are on a tight budget but want a specific area, waldo/brookside of course! So this makes it a little daunting. We looked at a 5 houses last night, most of which needed some TLC, cosmetic only.(PJ and I are not contractors here) And Fourth, just the every week activities we have going on! Tuesday with Grace, Wednesday Beth and I made dinner for mom's cast (she is directing the musical), Last night we looked at houses and here we are at Friday! Man life goes fast. Not to mention my son is a little less then 3 weeks away from turning one! And I have not even sent out the invitations yet!!! I seriously have a lot of catch up to play this weekend :) So that's been my week in a nutshell. Hopefully I will have more time to get on and post this weekend. I have a bunch of recipe pics I want to share so stay tuned! :)

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