Thursday, October 21, 2010

What's for dinner?

There is no better feeling then knowing fresh lettuce is right out your back door! I have decided lettuce is my new fall plant. I had seeds leftover from the spring that I sprinkled around in late August. Let me tell you the lettuce has taken off! It is a beautiful green, delicious and in plenty. We went and looked at houses after work so i knew that i would have to whip together a quick dinner when we got home. Fresh lettuce with a tuna salad atop, and a thinly sliced radish, also from my garden. Delicious, quick and healthy..... Yes please!
Fresh burpee lettuce from the garden!

Radishes, dirt still fresh from the garden :)

And the final product.... Delicious! Am I spoiled or what!? Happy dinning :)

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