Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dealing with Change

So as you know Brody has started at his new daycare full time. And it is working out great so far! I drop him off around 6:30. It is nice to get to chat with Emily about how he is doing there :) I did not get to chat much with our other daycare provider since PJ did the drop off and pick up. So I think I will stay a little more informed about his day to day happenings, which obviously I LOVE! Brody has been doing great with the transition. I am so proud of him :) Of course he does a little whining when I leave but Emily is great with him and getting him involved right away. So we am so very blessed that this transition thus far has been smooth! As for me though, I have been feeling very tired and run down by all the change that has been going on in our lives. I know its just a phase and I will snap back in a week or two but at the moment I just feel tired & sluggish :( How do I deal with this? Most of the time I just suck it up. My thought process goes like this, fake it till you make it, keep active and stay positive! I reassure myself that these are the right steps and you know why? Because I do it for my family. I think about how my moods affect my little boy and my fiance, and then that gets me right back on the positive horse. And most of the time this works for me. It helps me not focus on how tired I am and sluggish I have been. Is it healthy? Who knows, but it gets me by and it gets me by in a positive productive fashion that helps me stay thankful.

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