Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Weekend Recap

So I feel like I have been go go go since last Monday! Sorry I have not got around to posting much. I completely blanked on my Monday muffin post until it was way too late and the muffins were all gone... But they were delish! I use this recipe for a pear muffin with a ginger glaze. I would recommend adding about 1/4 to 1/2 cup of pear sauce and a pinch more ginger to the glaze. These puffed up beautifully but need the added moisture of the pear sauce. I wish I had a picture to share!
Our weekend was absolutely fabulous. My Aunt Heater and her Partner Beth came in town for the weekend. We lunched and visited a community garden that my company helped design. Then went to see some jazz at an awesome local bar/restaurant, Jardines. Saturday we all had a morning at home then met at my sisters for a lunch of leftover fish tacos, cilantro lime rice, mango black beans and fruit salsa with fresh mint. (I had made this the night before for our dinner) I SO wish I had taken some pictures of the feast that I made! It was so colorful with the white fish, shredded cabbage, tomatoes, avocado and yellows and reds of the fruit salsa. I will def make this meal again and take detailed pictures. You have got to try it! And I have to say that it got rave reviews. (Insert pat on the back here :) Back to Saturday, after lunch we headed to the zoo to check out Nikita the polar bear and explored the Australian part. Brody was fascinated by Nikita but also loved the tiger and all of the birds :) What a lucky mama I am to have such a wonderfully curious and attentive boy! After that we ordered in barbecued meats from Jack Stack and everyone came over to tour our new home. At 730 it was off to Easter Vigil where my brother in law was baptised, confirmed and took his first communion. It was a beautiful but very long service. Sunday we headed to Butler to enjoy an Easter lunch at PJ's family's home. Then Sunday night we had my wonderful friend's daughters 3rd birthday party. . .
And its now Tuesday and I feel like I might be caught up from our wonderful but whirlwind weekend. I hope everyone had a fab Easter and is enjoying the spring rain.

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