Sunday, April 10, 2011

Weekend roundup...

Yes this is the fortune I got in my fortune cookie on Friday! Can you believe they are putting pick up lines in these things now!? Needless to say the food was delicious and company was great. My good friend Jessie came over to hang out have a few beers, girl talk, House Hunter International, and Chinese food.... I mean seriously does it get any better!? :)
Saturday morning, since PJ was out of town Brody and me went out and about! We picked Jessie up and decided to hit up Starbucks. A latte and large ice water later we headed to a little neighborhood park near Jessie's house. The sun was out and our spirits where high. Bubs took a minute to warm up to the play equipment but ones he noticed the tunnel with BIG puddles in it he dove right in. (Of course I had put him in nice clothes with his new (old) shoes on. Eh totally worth it. After the park I dropped Jessie off and we headed to meet my mom at my Granny's storage unit to see what all was there, she is looking to downsize. I loved this pic, even though I took it with my crappy camera phone. That box just made me smile on that beautiful Saturday morning with the sun shining in.... This is the chair I am planning on doing a reupholster on and claiming it as my own! Of course with Granny's permission first. I have been doing some research on reupholstering, a good source, Vintage Revival, UMMM love her! Maybe not all of her project are for me or my home but what a creative soul!
I made a batch of homemade brownies from Brown Eyed Baker. They turned out great and were SO simple. Best part is they were not cakey at all!

Headed over to Beth & Kevin's for BBQ with the fam. And yep it finally happened... our first skinned knee :*( But my boy took it like a champ!
Man I look tired.... I realize now how amazing it is to have my main man with me to help in the daily responsibilities of raising a child. And yes I was as tired as I looked.

Brody getting some Nana love :)

And yes then I finally got home and went to bed! (oh after I finished the book, The Glass Castle. and started my next one The Help)

PJ got home late last night and crawled into bed. Boy it was good to have him home!

Brods and I let dad sleep in so we went out to breakfast with Nana and Gramps. We hopped on over to the grocery store to pick up a few things then brough a bagel back to dad. By this time it was nap time for the little man so PJ and I were able to get some yard work done. That included me studying my garden bed very carefully to find the following (SO EXCITED BTW!!!)

Carrot seed sprouting!

Beet seed sprouting! I love watching these coming up because you can see the stem is purple at this ripe age of 8 days :)

Lets play a game of find the sprouts. I wanted to give you an idea of how small they really are at this point :)

Lettuce in pots. Yes I will thin them but I am waiting to see which ones are the healthiest.

And last but not least my basil seeds sprouting!

WOOOOSHHHHH and its over. No wonder weekends go so fast. It was a "mommy and me weekend" and I could have not asked for more this weekend :) Hope everyone had one of those, busy but good for the soul weekends!

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