Monday, July 19, 2010

Birthday birthday

So on my actual b-day, last Sunday July 18th, we were driving back from the float trip. We got a flat, had no spare, spent a good couple of hours driving to a near by town in nowheresville Missouri, finding a spare, driving back to the trailer, putting the spare on and then finally getting back on the road.... I mean seriously, this kind of thing would happen on the day of my birth! But you know what.... we laughed the whole way through it and at least I was with people that I love and care about, (my sis Beth and her hubby Kevin). Poor Kevin was out in 90+ heat dragging tires back and forth!

Kevin & Beth with the trailer Beth being silly in the car

I mean this tire not only got a flat the tread literally blew up
We got home around 3:30, so at least i got to hang out with my boys for a few hours! We ordered Jalapenos take out and were lazy all evening. It was exactly how i wanted to spend the rest of that day!

The ladies at work surprised me with a sampling of cupcakes at my desk!

It was a perfect addition to my birthday since i did not get a cake on the actual day.
We are going out to dinner with the whole fam Wednesday night. We are going to a local pizza joint, Spin Pizza. None of us have ever tried it so i am very excited to try something new and get everyone together! There is supposedly a GREAT Ice cream place next door that we will hopefully try right after din!
Hopefully i will have lots of good pics to post after dinner. For now, have a wonderful Tuesday!
Lots of love (& sugar!)


  1. Spin is delicious!! There is one RIGHT next door to my house! Hope you guys enjoy it!!

  2. Sam I am pretty excited! We are going to the one on 51st and Main. Apparently Christopher Elbow has an ice cream shop next to it.... I am SO excited! lol