Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dinner with the fam!

Dinner at Spin Pizza followed by ice cream at Glace was wonderful!
To be honest the service at Spin was not the best, but the food was great. So overall i would visit Spin again. Also, side note, The architecture firm I work for designed Spin's space, its really neat!
Glace was a little bit of the same story but the ice cream I had there was out of this world! Check out the website to see a list of all of their flavors!
I had the French Lavender and Goat Cheese with Honey. MY goodness! First of all that was, in my mind, a wonderful combo. The floweriness of the lavender matched with the creamy richness of the goat cheese made for the perfect combination. I was very impressed with all the flavors! You rarely get ice cream like this anymore! If you have a chance to visit (or frequent this place) I would absolutely recommend it. What flavor would you get!?

Here are a few pics of our evening!
Please Enjoy!

How lucky am i to have the 2 best boys in the world!

Yes he really is as onreyand handsome as he looks! (I AM SO LUCKY!)

Brods LOVES his Aunt Bef!

The boys outside of Glace

How blessed am I to live in such a wonderful city and to have an even more wonderful family to share it with!

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