Monday, July 19, 2010

Tacos, Tacos, Tacos

We made some yummy fish tacos the other day! We use talapia fillets and just baked them with some Cajun and southwest seasoning. The only thing i would have changed about them is to use spices instead of the seasoning mix. I decided that the premade seasoning is entirely to salty. But they were still delicious, even though over seasoned/salted just a tad.They were as yummy as they looked! Those tomatoes are fresh from my garden....

To go along with the tacos I made a wonderful rice! I started by cooking a combo of brown and white rice in some chicken stock. While that was boiling away I sauteed some onions, peppers and corn. I combined the 2 and add some garlic and artichoke salsa and voila! It was the perfect side dish to the light fish tacs :)

Everyone should try these. They are super easy and super yummy!
Have a great Monday.


  1. I make fish tacos with tilapia all the time! They are so good. I love them with black beans and homemade pico. And thanks for posting how you made the rice! It's the one thing I'm afraid of messing up.

  2. Kalee how do you season yours?? I want to start using individual spices instead of the premixed but i am not sure which to use for this. I know you will have a good suggestion! :)