Monday, July 12, 2010


So today I was chatting with a friend at work when I realized I have been a much happier person as of late. I am attributing this to 2 things.....
1. I started going to church again. I have been going every Sunday for a month now. I know, not that long of a streak but it really feels good to go. I hope that I can keep the streak going strong. I love going and sharing mass with my little man Brods!

2. Blogging! I realized today how beneficial it is to write out everything I am thankful for. A lot of times its easy to see whats wrong with life and what you don't have.... this blog gives me a chance to celebrate and share everything that I do have that is right in my life. My dad always told me that if you share your sorrows it makes them less and when you share your joys it makes them greater. So this is exactly that! My dad is a smart man so I am just following his lead :)

P.S. I love this pic of my dad and Brods at his first Christmas! Look at those smiles :)

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