Saturday, July 31, 2010

We're home!!!

It has never felt so good to be home! We all woke up in wonderful moods. Pj brought Brody into our bed this morning and he was all smiles and very chatty. (Sorry the pic is blurry he would not stay still, but you get the point) We got back yesterday morning, took naps went to the store, made din and went to bed. We were all so tired! This morning I made us a good breakfast, eggs, turkey bacon and toast. Then headed off to weight watchers. Pj is mowing the lawn while Brody naps and I pick up the house. It is so wonderful to get back to our normal routine. Tonight we are going to take Brods to the park right down the street and then grill some turkey burgers and chicken (for later in the week). What a good day we have planned!
Have a wonderful Saturday!


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