Saturday, July 31, 2010

Recipes I Want to Try

A Thai Peanut Chicken over brown rice sounds AMAZING! (need to find a recipe)
Homemade sandwich bread from The Frugal Girl.
Ice Cream - I have a perfectly good ice cream machine I have never used, and some wonderful Mexican vanilla.... so what am I waiting for!?
I still have never made a homemade stock for soups and such.... I need to do that soon! Maybe when whole chickens are on sale.
PJ has a smoker that a friend gave him (for FREE) that we still have not tired out... I think brisket might be a good fit for that! OH and maybe a cheese! Hmmmm... I need to do a little research for this one.
Oh and last but not least I want to learn how to can things this season. I have a TON and I mean a TON of tomatoes this year. I would love to do marinara, tomato sauce (not seasoned) and salsa. I will have to start looking into that as well!
If anyone has recipe suggestions I am always looking for new ideas!

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  1. For the stock you might try asking the butcher about chicken backs and necks. They are usually hella cheap and make amazing stock (you want the bones).