Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fireplace remix.... kind of :)

So when we moved into our new house one thing we knew we wanted to do was redo our fireplace. The previous tenants had tiled over everything! So sad. (we are not huge fan of tile, esp on a fireplace) Exhibit A....

Was it horrible... NO. But it was not us either. It did not go with the wood paneling, let me rephrase, REAL WOOD walls. This is not just paneling, its like wood that you build furniture out of. Thick nice wood, so that is a whole separate delima we have while updating our family room... Anyways, we had notice that there was brick underneath the tile, we stuck our head in the fireplace to observe this. So a couple Saturday ago, my dad had stopped by to drop his dog off for some play time and PJ decided to chip away a tile to see what we were working with. 7 hours later we had a huge mess and a brick hearth to our fireplace, and boy it got us excited! Exhibit B.....

So a week later Peej has finished removing all the tile. (Still need a picture with all the tile removed) The next obstacle is to remove all the adhesive that they used to hold the thick ugly tile up.... Yep we have a lot on our hands. But from my end of things it has been a wonderful transformation in our home. And I think it will be totally worth all of PJ's hard work! Easy for me to say right? :) We hope at some point in the next year we will get a new wood mantel. We are debating on if we want a stained wood of if we want to go with an off white/eggshell to match the trim.... there seems to be an awful lot of wood in that room... And of course in the next few weeks the HUMONGOUS (spell?) mirror will be going as well. Just not our style. I think it will make an appearance on craiglist however. As we continue on our fireplace journey I will keep you all updated!

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