Monday, March 21, 2011

What I want...

Many people talk about plans and things that they want.... THINGS. I don't do this. People do it with the cloths they want, my sister is a shop-aholic. Luckily I get all her hand me downs so no need to want for more in that department. We have 2 vehicles that run perfectly, even though they are a bit old. So for me, no need to want in that department.... typing these words even feels silly. I literally want nothing, as far as materials go. What I do want though is a house full of kids, rough-housing, teasing (in a loving way), caring, hugging, laughing, playing. I want a home full of memories, and a life worth dying for. A garden in the backyard, where my kids learn the value of hard work and the reward of watching something grow. A room where creativity can flourish, and little imaginations can run wild with a little stoking from the pages of a book. A living room just large enough for us to cram in, light the fire and watch a movie all cuddled on a pallet on the floor. I want to be able to give my children the love and vigor for life that my parents gave me. I was never spoiled with possessions but I was spoiled with love, understanding, generosity, compassion and family. These things taught me the value of the life I want to live and pass on.

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  1. Katie, I am so glad I'm lucky enough to know you. This is a beautiful post!