Thursday, March 10, 2011

French Toast

So let me start by telling you I use to never be a breakfast person, that was before I met PJ. His mother cooks the BEST breakfast in the world! I mean she goes all out every Saturday and Sunday. Eggs, bacon, sausage gravy, biscuits, pancakes, french toast. You name it she does it. It's pretty amazing! I guess that is what I get for marrying into a southern Missouri family :) So this being said I have become MUCH more of a breakfast person. My most recent adventure was french toast. French toast has never been my favorite. I think its because the first few times I had it the toast was very eggy.... like a thick layer of egg on the outside, totally not my thing. Well last week we had a bunch of leftover buns at work, that were going to go bad so a friend suggested I take them home and make french toast out of them.

I was very skeptical.... But I do love these buns, they are so soft and just the perfect density. So i thought ok this is worth a try. I went to one of my favorite food blogs, Our Best Bites, and yes they have a new cookbook out I am dying to get! Anywho.... I found a delishly high calorie french toast recipe that I thought looked delicious, and emphasized the importance of the bread soaking up the perfect amount of eggy goodness. I halved the recipe and I was off! I sliced off the top and bottom of the buns, dipped and cooked. I did add some cinnamon to the eggy batter (which from now on is a MUST) and i did not do the last step of cinnamon and sugar. I figured the syrup would be more then enough sweet for us.

These were PERFECTION!

I barely got this picture taken before I devoured them! PJ had 4 and Brody and I each polished off 2. This was a real inward struggle for me not to go for a second helping! My dad had stopped by so he even got to partake in my first french toast experience. And I have to say, I gave myself more then one pat on the back for this one! Whatever you do, you HAVE to try this recipe :)


  1. What a great idea! I made french toast last weekend and froze the extras for later. You could always make a bunch for PJ, and freeze them for the days you don't feel like cooking (which also works well with pancakes and just use the toaster to get the waffles crisp).

  2. We do freeze pancakes for the little man. Every recipe makes such a big batch and it is easy in a pinch or for, like you said when I am not up for cooking breakfast :) I could not believe how great this recipe was! We have more leftover buns here at work so I am debating round #2 this weekend. I just hope they live up to the first batch!