Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Life and Death

No this is not a situation that I am in, but I have been thinking a lot about life and death today.... My Grandpa is in hospice and in what will be his last few days or maybe even hours. He has been declining over the last 4 years so this is nothing sudden. And his wife of 59 years, my Granny is handling it with such grace. She sits by his side every second she is given, but does so while being plesant and chatting with the nurses, familly and really whoever stops in.
I was never particularly close with my grandpa but I do have many fond memories of him. Yes, it will be very sad when he passes, but with the state his has been in these last few weeks, he deserves the peace that comes in death. I hope that does not sounds harsh, these words are meant to be anything but. As my heart aches for the lose of my Grandpa, it aches more for my mothers loss of her father. The thought of losing a parent brings me to my knees.... so in these times I feel like reverting to a child to relish all the time I have had with my parents. I spent a lot of my day thinking about memories of holidays in Dodge City with my mom's family, the swimming pool in Dodge that we frequented while visiting during the brutal days of summer in Western Kansas, the sledding hill near the junior high there where we went down with my aunt and parents. Family is the one thing I could not live without. My family is my priority, and I can not tell you how blessed I am to have been given the one I have. I owe the Big Man a Big Thank You. There is always the sun after the storm....

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  1. Oh Katie, I am praying for you and your family.