Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Good Day

Today was one of those unexpected good days. I have to start by saying these are the best! The days where you wake up in a good mood and just know that the day will turn out great not because of something great, its because of all the little good things in life.
I got out of the house on time, first time in a week and a half. Had lunch with a friend from work. This friend happens to be fabulous and designing my wedding invitations. She has a little girl, 8 months old who is ADORABLE. So we got to talk family and weddings. Oh yes, I know, my 2 favorite things to talk about at the moment :) I told her how lucky I feel that she is doing my invitations. She is taking something that I was not looking forward to and making it a highlight. Her design aesthetic is beautiful and simply chic. Not in that fancy pants way, but in the everyday. It like that comfy pair of jeans for a Saturday that are effortlessly chic and perfectly worn in. That is what I am talking about! :) She is starting her own design business! YAY for Julie @ Sweet River Studio.
After work I headed out into the lazy sun with the evening ahead of me. I got home, played a round of "chase" with my little "mon'ter" . Oh yes, he likes me to chase him while he roars and runs around the house with his arms out like a zombie.... Yep, its true I have the MOST ADORABLE son EVER! We changed into our swimsuits and headed to meet M.I.L at her hotel, she is in Overland Park for work. We jumped in the pool, which Brody was totally not diggin, so we nixxed that and went to the room to enjoy some take out from Da' Bronx (pizza and sandwich place). When we got home just before sunset we notice our jonquils had bloomed! And we have another perennial that has sprouted, we believe they are tulips, but I can not wait to find out! We had a great story time before bed, with some cuddle time included. People, this is what dreams are made of :)

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  1. Thanks friend! I had so much fun on our lunch date!