Thursday, August 5, 2010


So my little man is not so little anymore! He was 9 months yesterday.... i can not believe that he has spent almost as much time in this world now as he did in my womb! Its just insane. I look at him and still can not believe that he came from me and PJ.... what a miracle... I mean really! Creating a child from scratch... that is the biggest miracle ever!

The amount of stuff they learn and learn how to do in the first year blows my mind too! Talking, walking, smiling, crawling, laughing, eating, standing up, sitting up, playing ... Literally the list goes on and on and on.

He is growing so fast now... Most recently he is crawling like a big boy! No more sliding around on his tummy. He is up on all 4s! He is talking more and more. I hear more and different babblings everyday, I think he is boycotting Ms though... no mama yet. UPDATE!!!! He just said mamamama for the first time tonight! I was thrilled when I heard it! Ok i was more then thrilled! He was in bed crying a bit and he said it. Needless to say of course I went in there to pick him up and love on him. He needed to know is mamamama was there for him :) He's said dadadada since he was first chatting, lucky dada :) He just pulled up from sitting to standing last week. It was right before we left for Florida. I was playing on the laptop and he comes over to the loveseat, grabs the cushions and then pulled himself up! You should have seen the smile on his face, he was SO proud of himself! So I pulled him onto my lap and let him play with the laptop for a second or 2. PJ hates it when I do that, and we prob should not let him do it because then he will think it is his toy and not ours.... but in that moment when such a big feat was completed I just had to let him!
We had his 9 month appointment and he is a healthy, happy, handsome little boy! What proud parents PJ and I are!

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